The Flies Background

29 Apr

Image: ‘Castaway’

Now that you have read a little of LOTF, lets develop a little background knowledge. In groups, share out the following questions and explore.

1) When was Lord of the Flies written, and where was William Golding from? Try using Webpath Express for detailed information.

2) What was The Children’s Overseas Reception Board? Thoroughly explain when it began, what it was intended to do and why. List several places where children were sent to live.

3) Write a definition of symbolism in your own words. Draw at least three symbols and explain what they symbolize.

4) From Wikipedia: Psyche (n.)- In psychology the psyche is the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious. Psychology is the study of the psyche.

Look up “conscious mind” and “unconscious mind.” Briefly explain here, in your own words, what is your unconscious?

5) DEFINE “herd mentality” and give examples.



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