Adding extra information to your sentences

11 Apr

Using comma’s correctly is an effective way of adding more detail to your writing. Consider:

George swam to the shops. This doesn’t make much sense. But… George, a pink fish, swam to the shops, is makes much more sense because it has greater detail. Notice that the additional noun group is indicated using a pair of commas. These are called relative clauses. 

Add additional information to these: 

  • Jeepers vacuumed Lily. 
  • The Murry winds towards the ocean. 
  • Mr. Huff shouted and jumped up and down.
  • The chair broke and Miles…
  • I found a ring…

Task 2:

Try writing a story that is about 100 words but that uses as many relative clauses as possible. Bonus points if your story is exactly 100 words. 



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