Basic Film Shots

26 Feb

Directors use a whole range of film shots to add excitement and meaning to their films. That close-up of Jack (in The Day After Tomorrow) was designed to let you know that he is afraid. That wide shot of New York shows you how BIG the catastrophe is.

Look at the following shot types:

Close up:

Notice the face of the boy is almost fills the frame (border of the camera)

Extreme Wide Shot

Notice that you can barely see the boy in the picture.

Wide Shot

Notice that all of the boy fills the frame (head to toe).


  1. Type the name of your favourite film into Google image search
  2. Find an example of each of the shots discussed above. Copy and paste it into a word document. Label the type of shot that it is.
  3. You document should have a title and your name. Use the name of the film as the title.
  4. Underneath each shot, describe what the shot shows you. eg. The close-up shows that…

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