Destiny Quest

12 Feb

Destiny Quest is an exciting new space for us all to share our reading.

Image: ‘Shadow of my heart’

Go to destiny and login.

In the secondary school site, click “Catalog” then click on “Destiny Quest” on the left menu.

Follow these instructions to start sharing great reads!

Invite friends from M1.

    • Select the “Friends” menu on the left hand menu
    • Search for the names of other M1 students
  • Create shelves
    • have read – at least 5
    • now reading – at least 1
    • want to read – at least 3
  • IF you don’t find a book you want to read, put it on a wishlist.
  • IF a book you want to read is already out to someone else, place it on hold.
  • Recommend books to at least 3 friends.
  • Recommend 1 book to your teacher.
  • Recommend 1 book to the librarian.
  • Comment on your friends’ shelves.

Fun things you can try:

  • Change the way Destiny Quest looks.
  • Change your preferences.

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