Gilbert’s Symbols and Motifs

11 Feb

Image: ‘Time Jumper’

It’s great to see you all steadily working through the challenges of the symbols and motif’s task. Here’s a few things for you to consider while you edit your work:


  • Using strong paragraph structure will also help you to develop your ideas. Remember: introduce the point, give an example, then explain it.
  • Your example will consist of paraphrasing a scene from the film. Use a couple of sentences to describe what you see. If you need to, go back and watch the scene. See Mr. Tangey to do this.
  • Your explanation should show what the symbol represents. What is the director trying to suggest by using a water tower, burning the house or using so much food?


  • Vary your sentence length. Key ideas should come in short sentences. Description should use longer sentences. 
  • A common error that many of you are making is the comma splice. Read or listen to my favourite grammarian teach you how to avoid this persistent error.
  • Re-read your work. OUT LOUD!

Keeping these few tips in mind will make a big difference to your writing.


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