Characteristics of Nora

14 Sep

In the play “The Doll’s House”, Nora is the most diverse character in my opinion. A character which not only has both positive and negative traits, but also can be described both as spendthrift and frugal, extravagant and prudent. The characteristics of Nora, her treatment of people around her, and the way she gets through problems, can be seen through her behavior and speech in the play.


The first trait of Nora that is introduced in the play is that she is a spendthrift person. She demands for money from her husband throughout the play. “Can we burn just a little? A tiny little? Now you’re getting such a big pay-packet, pennies and pennies and pennies” (21-23) Here one can see that she wants more money now that her husband has more money. This trait is very controversial. On the other hand one can see that she is very frugal, as she spends the money she has in the right way. For years and years she collects the money and pays back the debt she took in order to save her husbands life by taking him to Italy to cure.


Also, she is a good mother. She treats her children with care. When she finds out that she is a bad influence to her children, she keeps herself isolated from them, even though it is very hard for her. On the other hand, toward the end of the play one can see that she leaves her children behind and leaves her house. The children don’t play the role of something that would keep her attached to her house. This lets us also see that her viewpoints change from what they were in the beginning of the story, which brings us to another trait of her characteristics.


In the beginning of the play, Nora was introduced as a very silly and spoiled “girl”. She stars of with a lady that is not open minded. A girl that only cares about herself, spending money, and dressing well. By the end of the story though, one can see Nora from a completely other angle. We can see her as a lady that is not afraid of taking her step to exploring what she actually is and what she can get out of her life.


“What do I care about silly old society? I’m laughing at something else. Dr. Rank, it’s true, isn’t it? Everyone at the bank has to answer to Torvald now?” (26).  This quote opens another characteristic of Nora to the audience, which remains the same throughout the play. She doesn’t care about what the society thinks. She is being a revolutionary soul and she does what she thinks is right, not what she thinks is appropriate for the society. Nora is a lady that doesn’t play by the rules of the society, but creates her own rules. This is very essential to the context of the play, as in the time period when the play was written, the social environment and their thoughts were essencial, and the play went against the whole fact.


There are many other more traits of Nora that are worth discussion which could be talked about for long time. From the stated characterisctics though, it can be seen that the characterisctics of Nora are controversial.


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