Positive and Negative Characteristics of Nora

3 Sep

One of the main characters of the three-act play “A Doll’s House” is Nora.  This character is one of the most complicated characters in the play. She starts of with childish qualities, which demonstrate us the audience, her immature side. The first act starts of with her buying Christmas gift, sneaking some macaroons, wanting to get more pennies at all times. With her husband, she acts as a child, being very playful and reveals us the ability to easily lie to her husband.

In the first act, she was shown to us as a spender of money, leaving the family with nothing, because of her desires. We thought of her as a foolish young girl, who has been married to Torvald, due to his financial state. Though, it was hard to predict and believe that she has a clever side, we actually find that out during her conversation with Mrs. Linde, where she tells her that every time she has been asking money from Torvald, she has been saving them in order to pay a debt. This also demonstrated us, how easily she could lie to Torvald, that their trip to Italy has been paid by her father; however, it also demonstrates us the courage in her character and the true love and loyalty she has towards her husband.  This is the woman who takes risks and is ready for any sacrifices for her family.

As the play progresses, Nora more and more reveals her true character, which demonstrates the audience that she is hot just “a silly girl”. She is the woman, who not only understands the importance of the family, but as well can be a help to Torvald in his business and when needed with help.

An ambitious, courageous woman, who has been capable of breaking the law in order to save Torvald and prevent him from any health issues.  She has faked the signature of her father, and now that Krogstad is blackmailing Nora of the falsification, she is being the one accused of spoiling the name of her own husband, which brings a huge scandal into the house. Even though Nora has brought disgrace and dishonor into the family, she is doing everything for Torvald, where as he is planning on sacrificing himself to prevents his wife from persecution.

With all the scandals going on, Nora is planning to end her life, because she no longer wants to disgrace her family. Torvald stops her, and she for sure wanted to be safe. And even though these two people would sacrifice anything for each other, there are completely different. Nora tried everything in order to keep Torvald safe, which shows the valiant character in this woman, who is not deterred by the pain or the danger waiting for her, just across the road. Torvald, in contrast to his wife, realizes, that his job and his state in the society means a lot to him and therefore does not want to take the blame for Nora’s crime.

Nora – a powerful woman, who has just pretended to be foolish and child-like, in order to hide all her fears and her problems and keep them away from Torvald. As a sign of her strong character, in the end of act 3, even though she- without any care leaves her children alone, thinking only about her pride. Nora leaves Torvald, slamming the door and ending their relationship.

There are both positive and negative aspects of Nora’s character, which is what all of us have. She is a strong woman, being portrayed as a foolish young girl. Her family is very important for her, but in the end, she loses her temper and she just stops caring. 


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