The real dilemmas

30 Aug

You have already worked on developing your understanding of how a current issue might be posed as a moral dilemma. If you’ve forgotten, review the article we read on cigarette packaging.

You’ll recall here the legal perspective held that cigarette companies hold legal patents over their logo’s and brands and should be allowed to use them. The moral perspective from the government contended that, regardless of what the law says, we should do our best to stop people smoking. Hence the plain packaging.

Now it is your turn to find an issue that interests you. Think about current affairs topics that excite you: economics, sport, politics,  music, theatre, human rights, science, education, animals, environment… you get the picture!

Now start browsing around on some of the relevant media websites to find some recent issues.

Task: Find 3 articles that you feel have both a moral and legal perspectives that is contentious. Record the URL’s and briefly (around 2 sentences) state what you believe the moral and legal perspective is. Compile your notes as a clearly labelled word document for future reference.

Image: ‘Cebra Voyerista / Voyeur Zebra


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