The Greeks: Gods, Heroes and Villains

29 May

Greek mythology is full of Gods, Heroes and Villains. Before we start reading the play version of The Odyssey lets review what you already know about the Ancient Greeks.

1. Browse through the resources below on Ancient Greek figures

2. Choose 1 of the following figures:

  • Penelope (this might be tricky)
  • Polyphemos
  • Circe
  • Tiresias/Tiresia
  • Leukosia (Siren)
  • Aglaope (Siren)
  • Kharybdis
  • Skylla
  • Calypso


Mythweb Encyclopedia

Gods Heroes and Myth

The Olympians

The Immortals

Glossary of all things related to Greek Mythology – very comprehensive.

Publishing your ideas

How are you going to publish these ideas? When and where do you find the profile of a person?

If you can’t think of anything, try using  this tool.

3. If you complete this, review your knowledge of the Ancient Greeks here.

Image: ‘Poseidon


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