Is O a Hero

25 May

courage- In chapter 1 it can be seen that with okonkwo wrestling, and defeating the strongest opponents courage can be found, but throughout the text the changes can be seen that show us

strength- wrestling can be the representation of the strength that okonkwo had but in my opinion even better representation of his strength can be seen in the chapter 3 when okonkwo all by him self.

smart- The intelligence of okonkwo can be seen through chapter 7, he was doing things that were beneficial only for himself and these things helped him to advance in his life successfully. Example in the chapter7 can be seen once the child that he has adopted was in trouble, and okonkwo had to kill him in order to seem a big and strong man in front of others, he did not think about the child and done something that benefited him

high hopes

never gives up- Even though Okonkwo get sent away from his home land he does not give up and tries to establish new beginning in his new hometown, where he tries to get new “farm” as well as new people and friends to meet.

hardworking- throughout part one it can be seen that okonkwo does everything by himself in order to achieve the start that he should have got from his father, but he did not. Without a fear he went and got seeds for the farm and he used all the resources that he had in order to catch up with the disadvantage that he had.

organized- Okonkwo was really organized throughout the part one as well as in the beginning of part two. When it comes to the part of labor it can be seen thourghout the first half of the book that okonkwo never procrastinates his work, and does everything he can


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