Write your Limerick

7 May

You have practiced writing limericks by adapting the work of others. Now it is time to write your own from start to finish. First we need to find some inspiration for improbably but humour events/people. Where is the best place to find details about strange and humorous people?

The Guinness World Records

Task: Take notes on three different interesting/strange people on the website. Record plenty of information. 

Task: Write word flowers on some likely vocabulary for your limerick.

  1. Start with a name or a description or BOTH!
  2. Follow the Rhyme scheme AABBA (AABA)
  3. Follow the rhythm (don’t make your lines too long)
  4. Notes: your limerick doesn’t need to match your notes perfectly
  5. Don’t forget to make it silly/unbelievable/unreal/ FUNNY!
  6. Keep your limerick logical. Each line should connect to the next line.



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