Relating TFA to the IB Language and Literature guide

22 Apr

Chosen statement from IB Language and Literature guide: Literary texts are not created in a vacuum but are influenced by social context, cultural heritage and historical change.

The novel “Things Fall Apart”, written by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, was “not created in a vacuum”.  In the text, there are several things that have definitely influenced the setting, the characters and their behaviours, the plot, etc. Such aspects include, as stated in the chosen statement, social context, cultural heritage, and historical change.  For example, the demographic structure of the Ibo community in Okonkwo’s village was not just thought of out of thin air by Achebe himself. Instead, it was  based on that of the actual Ibo communities which existed (and still do) in Nigeria. The lifestyles and interests of each of the characters in TFA were also based on the cultural heritage of the Ibo people. The farming of yams, the breaking of kola, the taking of titles in the community, all of these activities are based on those of the actual native Nigerians. (not finished)


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