The Test

9 Feb

I’ve only ever been in real trouble twice during my time at school. We used to make substitute teachers cry, but that was more as a class rather than me by myself. The first time was when I helped my friend cheat on her science test. It was a poorly planned, and worse executed affair. We were sitting opposite each other. She lifted her paper, pointing at a question and raised her eyebrows.

“Mitochondrion”, I whispered.

In my head I had said it quietly and we’d gotten away with it and everyone was happy. We were criminal masterminds. At that moment we were Bonnie and Clyde, and this biology question about the powerhouse of a cell was a bank we had robbed. Unfortunately I had forgotten how Bonnie and Clyde had met their end: gunned to death by law enforcement.

I looked up at my science teacher and saw her face, scrunched up like a pug terrier.

“What?”, I asked her with my eyes.

“Give me your test and get of my classroom”, she replied with her mouth.


The morning of February 12th was cold and gray and a mist had descended upon the school. It was where it had all started.

We were sitting a test, the students of second year biology. The teacher leered over us, her hawk-like eyes darting from student to student.

Julia saw her moment and took it. She coughed and I looked up. I knew what she wanted immediately. I knew what getting caught would mean.

I opened my mouth, and knew it was already too late. The teacher walked slowly towards me, her shoes scuffing the sterile laminate flooring as she did so. Everyone looked up toward her.

“Eyes down”, she commanded. They immediately obliged.

I put down my pen. I was resigned to my fate. She bent down to my level.

“What were you doing”, she asked through clenched teeth, failing to disguise her disgust.

“ I was just…”

“Just what?”, she interrupted. Her eyes reminded me of the fog outside and I was afraid.

“Just what?”


One Response to “The Test”

  1. camerongilroy February 9, 2012 at 1:53 AM #

    It’s called, “The Test”

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