Making a Decision

8 Feb

A Tough Decision I Once Made

A few years ago I had the choice to go to boarding school and I wanted to go because I felt I was getting bored in Baku and it was a year where all of my friends moved to different countries. At the start my parents didn’t like the idea and thought it was just a phase I was going through. However, as I talked about it more and more, they realized that it might be a good opportunity for me and possibly give me a better education. Also the boarding school would be able to offer a lot more, in terms of activities, compared with Tisa. I started to research different boarding schools with my parents but they were strong in the fact that I needed to go to one in Scotland as it was close to our family and I was only 14 at the time, so too young to be all alone. We found some schools online that we thought I would like, so we booked flights to go and visit them. When looking around them I thought they were amazing but I did not like the thought of living at school. The sacrifice I would have to make to go there is to leave my family and friends, this was a huge deal for me and I did not know if I was ready to make such a big step in my life. Once I was back in Baku I had a few weeks until I had to make my final decision. Once I was back and in my routine and had made new friends since school had started, I realized that I was not ready to move. It has now been four years since I made that decision and I am more than happy with the decision that I made not to go, I know that I made the right one.

Re-write as if the decision was insignificant

A few years ago I had the choice to go to boarding school and really I didn’t care what ended up happening, as it wouldn’t make a difference to my life. Yeah, I wouldn’t see my family for long periods at a time but it wouldn’t really make a difference. I feel like I could adapt easily to whether I went or not and it would not change much for me. It would not give me more opportunities and it would not make a difference to what I do with my life.

Re-Write as if it is/was life changing

A few years ago I was faced with a life changing decision that was going to effect what I did for the rest of my life, so big that I did not know how to handle it. I was faced with the hardest decision I have ever had to face; I had to decide if I was going to go to boarding school. This boarding school is thousands of miles away from my family, far away from everything I have ever known. If I went I would hardly see my family but if I stayed my education would not be as good as It could be if I choose to leave. To me, education and family are two of the most important things in life and to have to choose between them was incredibly hard. Obviously, it was not choosing between one and the other but it just meant spending less time with my family for my last 4 years in school. I was terrified to make this decision as I know it would change my life and I had no idea what I was going to do for he longest time.


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