M5 Language Assessment

31 Aug

Read the following extract. It is a summary of and look at the first novel we will study. You will notice several mistakes throughout the text. Open this link in a new window to suggest corrections.

You must answer every question. If you don’t know, guess. Try your best and give as much explanation necessary to make yourself clear.

This information will be used to check which areas of language we will look at in class. This is one way for me to see what you know and what you are still unsure about.


Summary of the plot

Two migrant agricultural labourers, George Milton and Lennie Small, start work at a ranch in northern california having left their previous jobs in a hurry following accusations of attempted rape against the larger of the two men Lennie. From the start of the novel steinbeck raises questions in the minds of the reader about why these characters should be involved in such an unlikely partnership. George is short of stature, intelligent, projects self-confidence. Lennie, on the other hand, is a giant of a man, ponderous in his gait, has the mind of a young child.

It is George and Lennie’s dream to save up enough ‘stake’ money to buy their own small ranch, thereby escaping from the poverty insecurity and inevitable loneliness of the life of a migrant worker. during the course of the story, two other ranch hands are enticed into their dream of owning their own ranch.

The Main Characters

The two main characters in the story are George and Lennie a central feature of the novel is the unlikely relationship between these two friends on the face of it, it appears that Lennie, because of his mental immaturity, lennie is totally reliant upon George for his survival, and for his main goal of obtaining work at the various ranches where George and Lennie are sent. Equally important however is the extent to which George relies on Lennie for companionship in the generally unfriendly and lonely environment of the migrant labourer. As George admits to Slim when discussing himself and Lennie <direct speech>it’s a lot nicer to go around with a guy you know<direct speech> It can be seen, therefore, that George might not be with Lennie purely out of a sense of pity or duty to Lennies aunt clara. This bond of trust and friendship between the two main characters is tragically highlighted in the closing lines of the novel.


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