Redeeming Qualities of Mersault

26 Apr

Mersault through the eyes of other characters

  • Raymond sees Mersault as a trustworthy person/ confidante; tells Mersault personal things (e.g. about how he beat his wife til she bled)
  • “Then he announced that in fact he wanted to ask my advice about this business, because I was a man of the world and afterwards he’d be my mate”(33)
  • “I did my best to please Raymond because I had no reason not to please him.”(34)
  • Raymond seemed ‘keen’ on having Mersault as ‘his mate’(34)
  • Raymond and Mersault share the same attitude/thought towards the mother’s death
  • Raymond respects Mersault (e.g. when he didn’t want to go to the brothel) (40)
  • “I found him very friendly towards me”(40)
  • Raymond always considers Mersault’s approval; “But without taking his eyes off his adversary, Raymond asked me, “shall I let him have it?” (41)
  • Camus constantly writes about how ‘pleased’ Raymond felt towards Mersault

Redeeming Qualities of Mersault:

  • Loyal and cares about what others think of him (wants to please Raymond)
  • Good listener
  • His opinion is valued
  • Aware of how his attitude affects others

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