21 Apr

Nihilism from Latin means nothing and is a belief that suggests that there’s no purpose or value in life. It is affiliated with pessimism where the evil always wins. A nihilist would have no belief and they wouldn’t be loyal to others. It can take forms such as metaphysical form where knowledge cannot be gained or the reality doesn’t exist. Nihilism can also take into other forms such as moral nihilism where morality has no existence. Existential nihilism means life has no purpose or meaning. The nihilists believe that the human beings are insignificant and their life is just a waste or pointless. Epistemological nihilism is similar to metaphysical nihilism which is a form of skepticism. True nihilist such as Friedrich Nietzsche believes that every belief is false because there is no true world. Friedrich interprets nihilism as emptiness in the world with no meaning, purpose or value. He also believed that knowledge is not a fact but it’s created based on a person’s perspective. He stated that nothing has meaning. We always search for the meaning and therefore we give it a meaning based on our perspective, our ideas and morality.


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