21 Apr

Existentialism bears the slogan “existence precedes essence”. This means that our existence and human nature is not predestined or mapped out for us, and that the choices we make as individuals during our existence determines who we are. In simpler terms, this means that essence is a function of existence. In a nutshell, the philosophy of existentialism is concerned with the individual and finding our place in the world, or the meaning of our existence, whether it’s through our experiences, responsibilities or choices. Investigating this meaning is based solely on the individual and the choices the individual makes, rather than choices determined by laws, tradition or religion. Hence, most existentialists are rather dubious of the existence of God, as theology clashes with a lot of the concepts comprised by existentialism.
Albert Camus (supposedly) represents one of these individuals: an atheist existentialist.


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    Another good link to help explain existentialism.


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