Word It Out

13 Apr

Using your reader responses, we are going to create wordclouds to see which words you use the most and to emphasize the words you have used to describe Zlata’s thoughts and feelings.

  1. Go to Word it Out
  2. Paste the text from all your reader responses into the box and click “Word It Out”
  3. Choose fonts and colours (though keep in mind that we will print in black and white)
  4. Click “Word List”Word it Out Wordlist.png
  5. The words in green are included in your word list. The words in red are not. Change “Place entries in order of” to “Count”
  6. Look at the word list. Find the adjectives (in answer to question 2 of your reader response) that describe Zlata. Hover over the word and increase the “Count” so that it will be one of the biggest words in your Wordcloud. Word it Out - Wordlist hover and +.png
  7. Once you have made a change click “refresh” then “apply” to check that your change has worked.
  8. Keep playing with the settings until you get it right!
  9. Once you are happy with your word cloud click “save” (at the top of the page)
  10. Label your wordcloud and have it sent to your email address
  11. As a backup, right click the cloud and select “save image as” and save it to your school server folder.

Now that you have your word cloud we have 1 more writing task.

Look at the wordcloud.


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