Reader Response

5 Apr

Here are the questions and steps for completing a reader response:

Reader Response

Thinking about what you are reading is just important as the actual reading.

To really think about what you are reading, you need to do a couple of things:

  1. What is going on? Summarize the section you are reading.
  2. What are the thoughts and feelings of the characters? What isn’t said but how do you know it?
  3. What are your thoughts and feelings about this section?


For point 1:

Try describing the whole entry in two sentences. Be economical with your words. Try using compound and complex sentences.

For point 2:

Start with strong adjective that describes one of the characters thoughts or feelings. Then describe how you know they feel this way.

For point 3:

How important is the message you are reading? What does the narrator (Zlata) want you to think? Do you have any similar experiences?

Question 3 is the most important part of a reader response because it is about YOU the reader. Here’s an example:

Zlata wants us to understand how close and real the war is. She does this by mentioning the student that is killed on the bridge. I think this is made worse by the fact that this is a medical student. Doctors help people when they are ill or injured so it seems tragic that a future doctor is killed.

Notice how it shows what the reader (Mr. Tangey) thinks is important (the reality of the war and how tragic it is).



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