Perfection: Popularity

13 Mar

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

People become popular after showing their talents or skills to the other people around the world. It can be either in singing, giving a speech, dancing and others. Now, one of the person who earned his fame in an early age is Justin Bieber. People all around the world listen to his songs and are crazy for him. People love him for his songs, his appearance and his hairstyle. This picture clearly portrays the popularity of Justin Bieber. This can be distinguished by looking at the people behind him as they are taking photos of Justin Bieber and shouting out his name. This indicates that he’s worshipped and loved by many people because of his songs and his relationship status. Some people might call this Justin Fever. His debut album which was “One Time” was selected for top ten in Canada after its release. He was the first one to have seven songs from a debut album chart on the Billboard Hot 100. He became more popular when people began to watch his videos on Youtube whether people were mocking at him or admiring him for his cool outfit or his hairstyle. One of his songs known as “Baby” was ranked as most viewed, most discussed and most liked on Youtube. To expand his popularity and status, he also made a movie in 3D known as “Never Say Never” which had the biggest opening weekend for a concert film.

Lindsay Lohan

Many celebrities are popular but at the same time they each have flaws whether if it’s their appearance, their beauty, or their personal life. One of the celebrities who is popular but have a bad reputation is Lindsay Lohan. She’s popular for her roles in different movies such as “Freaky Friday”, “Parent Trap” and “Mean Girls”. From 2006 to 2007, Lohan became more popular for her involvement with drugs and in the state of being drunk while driving a car. On July 6th, 2010, Lohan was sentenced to jail for 90 days because she had violated the terms of her probation of not coming to DUI hearing which was scheduled on May. This picture illustrates that she’s on drugs which can be distinguished by the mumbling from her mouth and the closing of her eyes which indicates that she had no sense during that time. This also shows that she’s not perfect completely which contrast to Justin Bieber’s status.


 This is a picture of Ghandhi which represents perfection in popularity. He wasn’t famous for his talents or his skills. He didn’t wear any chains or hoodies to become popular. He was a simple man who spread wise words around the world to influence others to become better human beings. He was well known for his good cause such as expanding human rights, diminishing poverty and uniting different religious sects in India. He helped people not because he had to. He helped them because he wanted to. His influence on people and his wise words made him popular around the whole world which is perfect.


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