Hawk Roosting

3 Feb

The poet uses constant references to life through the words: Creation x2, ‘tearing off heads’, death, kill, and bones. He could contrast them to make the reader think about how important the hawk is. It is implied that that the hawk is presented as a representative of all hawks – and so the thinks about how important the hawks are. The author closes by saying that nothing has changed, and that things are normal, so its like he is saying that the poem is describing a hawk during an ordinary day. The writer could want the reader to notice how powerful and important the hawk is.

The hawk’s power is shown through the imagery provided by the writter. The author mentions and describes the trees, the air, and the sun’s rays. Hughes is trying to paint a picture in the minds of the readers. The Hawk is presented as a higher power as it elegantly flies above the ground “inspecting” the Earth.


One Response to “Hawk Roosting”

  1. camerongilroy February 4, 2011 at 12:42 PM #

    Good commentary. 😀
    Make sure that any quotes that you include are in quotation marks. It would be good if you could include some transitions between paragraphs as the changes are quite abrupt.

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