Statement of Intent

28 Nov

I have created a photo essay consisting of 5 very different photos on chapter 8 of our book, This Side of Good and Evil. My first photo was just a generalized photo. It is a piece of western propaganda during the war with the eyes and helmet of a Nazi soldier with the words “HE’S WATCHING YOU” in bold text at the bottom. This was chosen because it shows how Levi and the prisoners are being watched at all times and have no sense of privacy whatsoever. The second photo was of a puppet, tangled up within its strings. This portrays the SS Guards as the puppet master and being in complete control of the prisoners. I chose this photo over other images of puppets because this one was tangled up within its strings where it is constricted and cannot move freely, much like the prisoners within the camp. My third photo was of a pile of monopoly money. I used this because it represents the form of currency within the camps which could literally be anything ranging from shirts to gold teeth. I chose monopoly money because it represents how it is worthless outside the game of monopoly however within the game it is an essential piece. This correlates with the trade happening inside the camp with the trade of normally cheap or worthless goods, which are worth everything to the prisoners inside the camp. The fourth photo I chose was of an angry dentist pulling teeth from his patient. I chose this to represent both, how living in the camp was torture, like pulling teeth, and how the SS would end up taking the gold teeth from their victims when they were sent to the gas chambers. I chose this because it was fairly straightforward in relating to the chapter and also can depict an additional message as well. My fifth and final image was a screen shot of a classic video game Zero Wing on the Sega Mega Drive, which contained many poor translations from Japanese to English. The photo I chose is of one of the characters saying, “All your base are belong to us.” I chose this specifically because it shows how there is a broken communication between the guards and the prisoners. The bad English shows how they often are not understandable to each other. I chose the phrase “all your base are belong to us,” because it represents how the SS Guards own everything of the prisoners’. This is evident in the book on page 89 when it says, “the very gold of our teeth is their property, as sooner or later, torn from the mouths of the living or the dead, it ends up in their hands.” This shows how everything ends up in the hands of the SS therefore everything belongs to them. In conclusion I chose these photos all for a multitude of reasons and aimed at using them with multiple meanings therefore representing the chapter of the book to a fuller extent.


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