Textual Reference to the Bible

26 Nov

Not only Levi expresses his feelings and describes his situation through reference from the “The Divine Comedy” and the “Odyssey”. He also makes references from the Bible. He describes one of the characters by referring to the serpent from the Bible. The character he describes is Henri who is capable of surviving in Lager camp because of his intelligence and his ability to make friends with others in the camp. This is after the description of the characteristics of Henri similar to the serpent in Genesis at the end of the chapter: “….inhumanly cunning and incomprehensible like the Serpent in Genesis” (106). In the reference to the Bible, Henri is portrayed as the serpent or also known as the devil. He refers to him as a serpent because Henri is capable of deceiving the SS officers or soldiers and winning their trust. That’s similar to Devil’s characteristics. Henri can speak different languages fluently and easily communicate with SS officers or other people in the camp. One can compare Henri with the Devil because he knows every language of the world and can speak to anyone easily. He’s also considered as friendly and he can show sympathy for other people when they are sad or depressed. Everybody finds him communicative and affectionate. Again, it’s similar to the traits of the Devil. Devil can be seen as your best and closest friend, someone you can trust and someone who understands or sympathize with you to gain friendship and take advantage of you. Similarly, Henri is capable of doing what the Devil does. Therefore, he has numerous friends in Ka Be and has freedom to enter the camp whenever he wants. That also helps him to evade the extermination.


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