Statement of Intent

25 Nov

In picture one, the sign displaced outside Auschwitz is portrayed; it reads ‘Arebeit Macht Frei’ or, work will set you free. In chapter ten of the novel, Levi explains the necessity of work inside the Lager. In order to survive, he must become a specialist in some subject, and chapter ten describes the importance of getting a job in order to become ‘free’. Picture two shows an aquarium with people peering into the glass. In ‘Chemical Examination’, Levi described how Doctor Panawitz looks at him as if he is an animal in an aquarium, as if the two are completely different entities, not united by a common humanity. Levi’s description of what he feels from the Doctor describes the state of the camp as a whole. Two different types of humans separated by one’s views towards the others. In Nazi Germany, Untermensch, (subhuman) was the term used to describe those who they looked down upon. In the third picture, Henry Fuseli’s painting, “Nightmare” , is shown. This picture attempts to deal with the guilt that guards and those working with the Nazis feel. In Chapter Ten, Levi asks the reader how Doctor Panawitz is able to live with himself, knowing what he has done. In a sense, the demon the back, as portrayed in the painting, is symbolic of the psychological effects of trauma.


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