Mental Disability

22 Nov

Now that you have completed your research skim through the notes and make links between the research and the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Organise your thoughts under the following headings:

1. Links to the film…

2. I found interesting/didn’t know about…

3. I have had experience with…

You can view your collective research here.

Upload your work

Once you are done you can upload your work here…

  1. Name your file before uploading: EngAM3 – <Task Name> – <Your Name> (without the crocodiles, of course). This task can be called Mental Disability Reading so your file would look like this: EngAM3 – Mental Disability Reading – Sean Tangey.doc
  2. Click the link above
  3. Enter the password (englishaspie – easy to remember huh?)
  4. Hit “browse” and find your file
  5. Click “upload” and you are done – homework turned in!

Throughout history, the terms used for mental disability have changed drastically. Today, doctors have identified differences between terms commonly thought to mean the same thing. Identify what each of the following means and how it is different from the other terms.
1) Mental retardation-

2) Intellectual disability-

3) Developmental disability-

4) Developmental delay-

Use the Wikipedia page on “Intellectual disability” (and links from it) to answer the following questions.
5) What is an “intelligence quotient”?

6) List a few of the signs and symptoms of “mental retardation”

Read the section on that page called “History of the Condition” to answer the following
7) During The Englightenment (the 1700’s), how were the intellectually disabled treated?

8) During the Renaissance (1300’s to 1600’s)?

9) What changes occurred during the 18th and 19th centuries (1700’s and 1800’s)?

10) What changes occurred in the 1950’s and 1960’sin the U.S. and other countries?

Use the Wikipedia page on “Eating Disorders” (and links from it) to answer the following.
11) What is an eating disorder?

12) What is “binge eating disorder”?

13) What are some symptoms of binge eating disorder?

14) What are some of the speculated causes of eating disorders?

15) At the bottom of that Wikipage, under “External Links,” open BBC Headroom. Go to the section on “Overeating” and watch the video titled “Overeating.” Write a brief comment about its purpose.


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