Are “Drums” Used As a Literary Device in Things Fall Apart?

6 Oct

In the passage I was annotating about drums, by looking very closely I found a lot of interesting aspects. All of the different teqniques used by Chinua Achebe portrayed a very clear message to the reader of how important the drums were in Ibo culture and to the Ibo people. I noticed that whenever the drums were mentioned not only was their name not translated into English but also they were also always talked about as if they were alive and human. They said how the drums made decisions for the tribes and carried messages to the other tribes in different villages. Chinua Achebe placed many literary devices into the passage that I was annotating and also in some places used a lot of negative imagery.

I think the drums are being used as a literary device in this passage because they are always being referred too by using literary devices. They are also talked about as if they were people, which is a literary device all the time. The reader can see the drum as being a messenger between each of the tribes but they may not realize straight away that it’s just the drums sound that carries messages through the air.


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