Written Response by Tahmina

30 Sep

Chinua Achebe had a point when he said he knew he could not write like Dickens or Conrad. By stating that, he meant that his plot of his story and the characters in it would not fit the classical style of Dickens and Conrad.Dickens and Conrad wrote in a very literary tone by using literary devices and a more formal tone. Things fall apart, on the other hand, is a mixture of presenting cultural and traditional aspects of the Ibo village as well as presenting a novel that would be read by millions of people.

His tone and style, unlike Dickens or Conrads, is more casual using barely any literary devices throughout the book. He does not use such a formal tone as well. By using a casual tone of such, Achebe created a novel that tells a long, well-written story rather than a classical literary canon such as Dickens’ or Canons’. He created a novel that speaks to us in a casual manner and at the same time tells us a story of Okonkwo, as well as demonstrating the culture and traditions of the Ibo village. By saying that ‘whether It was going to work or not, I could not tell’ he means that he did not know whether the readers will accept this new form of writing, different from the classical and well praised ways of Dickens and Conrad.


One Response to “Written Response by Tahmina”

  1. aliyevyusif October 1, 2010 at 9:22 AM #

    I agree that Dickens and Conrad’s use of Enlish differed from Achebe’s English. Although I do not believe Achebe invented this “new English” but he improved this type of English. Although Chinua Achebe uses the English language he successfully introduces many new themes and African proverbs.

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